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VTT S55/N55 to B58 Coil Conversion Kit

VTT S55/N55 to B58 Coil Conversion Kit

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VTT is proud to offer its very own Game Changer S55/N55 to B58 Coil conversion kit for the BMW S55/N55 platforms. The 55 series of engines has notoriously had ignition problems with the factory coils, while aftermarket upgrades do exist, they can be bulky. The solution is the BMW B58 ignition coils which are extremely robust and can support well over 1000WHP with no issues. This means a plug-and-play affordable solution that fits like stock, and looks AMAZING doing so!

We designed our own 6061-T6 Billet bracket in a plethora of colors including matching shades for every S55/N55 Valve Cover. This means you can mix and match the color of the bracket with coil color, with VC color to truly tailor your engine bay to look exactly how you want it to!

The kit comes with the following –

  • 3 – Billet Aluminum Coil Brackets in the color of choice
  • 6 – Plug and play VTT wiring harnesses
  • 6 – Custom VTT stalks to convert the B58 coils to the S55/N55 head (We ensure proper spring length inside the boot for optimal spring-to-plug contact)
  • 6 – Coils in the color of choice (optional)
  • 6 – NGK 94201 B58 2 steps colder plugs (optional)

THESE BRACKETS FIT STOCK S55 VC, VTT S55 BILLET VC, and MOST N55 made after 2011. If you have an older N55 made before 01/2011. These may not fit. Purchase carefully as items that have been installed or attempted to cannot be returned.

Note: Flash setting changes are may be required when installing the conversion kit to ensure the proper function of the B58 coils with S55/N55 DME. This can be found in almost all flashing software settings such as MHD, Bm3, etc.

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