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VTT- S55/N55 PCV Delete Kit

VTT- S55/N55 PCV Delete Kit

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Have a problematic PCV on your S55/N55 powered BMW, don’t want to pay to replace the entire VC? The VTT PCV delete kit is just what you need. This kit blocks the factory PCV from pulling from the head ports, gets rid of the tear-prone rubber diaphragm, and essentially converts your VC into VTA through the factory front port on the VC. This kit can work stand-alone with the cap, and a -10 ORB plug, can be used to run an extra breather port, or it can be installed with any Catch Can kit that uses the front port of the stock VC.

Simply remove the factory cap, take out the diaphragm, screw the plug into the center port, and tap the new cap on with a soft blow hammer or similar. This deletes the PCV and allows you to avoid the issues of a failed diaphragm.

Kit Choices

  • Cap and -10ORB  plug only (to be used with an existing catch can or VTA)

  • Cap and Catch can kit (recirc or VTA) Complete kit to delete the PCV, and run a catch can (Currently works with S55 only)

  • Cap Only (To be used if routing an additional hose from the cap to location or set up of choice, requires your parts to work)

Kit Included:

  • 1 PCV Cap
  • 1 PCV port block off Plug
  • 1 -10 ORB Plug
  • Optional Catch Can kit
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