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VTT N54 Billet Center Feed Intake Manifold

VTT N54 Billet Center Feed Intake Manifold

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VTT is excited to offer our N54 Center Feed Intake Manifold, a ground-up design for maximized performance and utility. Our simulations of steady and unsteady state conditions show real-word gains. Not only is our manifold stronger than the OEM, it also outflows it and installs easily, no custom charge pipe or modifications needed. We've seen 20-30WHP+ added to a 570WHP car no tune changes required. Imagine the impressive results on ported heads, cams, and higher horsepower builds!

Product Details:

  • Full billet production using aircraft 6061-T6. NOT sheet metal
  • Can be run DI only, or allows for EASY addition of PI to any N54 engine with no plates, or bad injection angles
  • DI only completely removes the fuel rail for a compact look.
  • Flow optimized for increased horsepower at top of the RPM band
  • A variety of ports on the bottom, which allow you to run any of modular setups for PCV, vacuum needs
  • A significant advantage in flow over stock manifold at top of the RPM range
  • Weight is 13.6 lbs. With the Fuel Rail
  • Available with 550cc or 900cc Genuine US-made DW injectors
  • Controller available separately

PI kit Contains:

  • Manifold of choice
  • Complete fuel rail with required fittings
  • All hose connections required to run fuel lines using genuine Parker 801 hose and AN fittings
  • All fittings, or plugs for Vacuum/boost ports
  • Optional Injector Choice

DI kit Contains:

  • Manifold of choice
  • Pi Block off plugs to seal the ports for a compact design, no blocked off fuel rails
  • All fittings, or plugs for Vacuum/Boost ports
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