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VTT Modular Silicone Intake System for BMW G20 G21 G22 G23

VTT Modular Silicone Intake System for BMW G20 G21 G22 G23

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Take the plunge with VTT's Modular Silicone/Billet Intake System for your BMW G2X Platform with B58TU engine. After countless hours of trial, fitting, and quality control, you can trust in the highest quality results. Under the hood, the factory intake system boasts a good airbox, but a bellow-strewn, turbulent intake tract to the turbo can disrupt flow. The silencer installed to mute sound also acts as a restriction. Our 3"-3.5" Silicone intake tube offers an optimized, free-flowing air path to either the 6" cone filter or the stock airbox. Up to 700WHP, the airbox is up for the challenge! But, for bolder builds over 700WHP, we recommend the beefier 6" cone with its precision built-in velocity stack. Go ahead--unlock the power.

Included with the kit depending on how you want to run it:

  • 1 Billet turbo adapter, with stainless hardware (optional)
  • 1 Silicone Inlet with two CNC PCV fitting adapters, and clamps
  • 1 Billet MAF housing with hardware (optional)
  • 1 High-flow VTT cone filter (optional)


• 2019+ G20 G21 BMW  M340i, and M340iX

• 2021+ G22 G23  M440, and M440iX

Note: This intake does not fit any other platform other than the G20/G21/G22/G23 chassis listed above.

Please be aware. This system removes the PTC heater, and it WILL register a shadow code in the DME. In our testing, this did NOT throw a check engine light. The code is only there is your scan the car. If you wish to remove the code it must be coded out.

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