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VTT Billet Large Capacity BMW ZF8HP Transmission Pan

VTT Billet Large Capacity BMW ZF8HP Transmission Pan

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VTT is Proud to offer our Billet Aluminum ZF8HP 8-speed Transmission pan. This pan does away with the factory plastic or cast aluminum pan and upgrades it to 6061-T6 aluminum anodized in a variety of colors. This pan increases fluid capacity to 5.7 QTs compared to the stock pan which holds 3.7 QTs, has a US-made reusable Viton Gasket, a rare earth magnet that sits under the filter to not only support it, but pulls metal from the fluid, machined external fins to help aid in cooling, and a -6 ORB magnetic drain plug.

Clearance is NOT increased on G8X, X3/4M, or F90 M5, if used on smaller model ZF8HP with the plastic pan, the pan DOES fit but has reduced clearance.

Product Features:

  • Billet construction  using 6061-T6 aluminum for long life, and added strength
  • Add a full 2 QTs fluid capacity at 5450ML (5.7QTs) compared to 3500ML (3.7QTs)
  • Machined fins for improved cooling
  • Rare Erath magnet built in to pull metal from the fluid
  • US-Made Viton Gasket
  • -6 ORB magnetic drain plug for easy service


Fits most all small or mid-frame 8HP 40/50/51/55/65/70/75/76)

G8X M3/4

F9X X3/4M

F9X M5

F9X M8

A9X Supra



PLEASE NOTE – These do NOT fit large frame 8HP such as Trackhawk, Hellcat, or TRX. We will be making those in the future…

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