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VTT Billet Crank Seal Guard for BMW N54 | N55 | S55

VTT Billet Crank Seal Guard for BMW N54 | N55 | S55

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Failure of the serpentine belt on BMW N54/N55/S55 platforms is a well-recognized problem. If the belt slips behind the front damper, it may be pushed past the crank seal and into your oil pan, potentially clogging the oil pick up and causing catastrophic engine failure. Avoid the expensive repair of sub-frame removal and oil pan dropping - guard your crank seal with VTT Billet Crank Seal Guard.

No matter how vigilant you are in watching for leaks and staying on top of maintenance, premature belt failure can still strike. VTT's Billet Crank Seal Guard for BMW N54 | N55 | S55 is an effective yet affordable defense that covers the front crank seal and prevents an ingested belt from causing engine oil starvation. Don't take a chance; guard your motor today!

Crank Seal comes with

  • One VTT Billet N54/55 Crank Seal Guard
  • Two extended 12.9 Grade bolts, and two stainless washers

We highly recommend you install WITH a crank bolt capture at the same time, as you have to remove the damper anyway. Then you will get the benefit of helping eliminate the dreaded spun crank hub and the crank seal issue

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