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Precision Raceworks S58 Port Injection Kit

Precision Raceworks S58 Port Injection Kit

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The Precision Raceworks S58 Port Injection kit with stock manifold compatibility is Exactly what the new G80 M3, and G82 M4 guys have been waiting for! Safely add fuel to your S58 engine and get ready to hold on! This kit is capable of providing supplemental fueling to all BMW's equipped with the S58 engine so that you can push the limits without the need for purchasing an expensive custom manifold.

This kit integrates seamlessly into your car like it left from the factory with it installed. Our kit includes everything needed to add multi-port injection and is 100% e85 compatible. Purchase the kit with out injectors or with new genuine Bosch Motorsport injectors that have been modified & flow matched (both static and dynamic) rivaling the quality and consistency of even the best injectors on the market. A Detailed certificate of conformance is included with each set our injectors giving you all flow data needed for optimal tuning.

What makes the Precision Raceworks port injection different from others on the market?  Our fuel rail is AN6 all the way through unlike some other kits that have AN6 connection but have a much smaller bore reducing flow which can result in pressure drop at the injector.  The Precision Raceworks fuel rail is the only rail currently on the market that features locks which secure each injector to the fuel rail.  This removes 72+ PSI of force pushing up on the fuel rail preventing potential failure where the screws attach to the plastic intake manifold. Additionally the locks allow the rail to be removed without fuel going everywhere.

Precision Raceworks has been the market leader for port injection for late model BMW's for years and this kit will continue the trend. Featuring your choice of the same 750cc* & 950cc* injectors used in our other BMW port injection kits.  Our injectors have been used for nearly a decade by thousands of customers around the globe so you can be confident you will be happy for many years to come.

Best of all our kit comes complete, no need to source or make custom fuel lines.  No cheap rubber lines or plastic fittings.  Our lines are smooth bore PTFE for years of service life in the most extreme conditions and compatible with all fuels.  The same goes for our all billet fittings that not only look great but work great too!

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