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Precision Raceworks F&G Coolant Cap Bundle

Precision Raceworks F&G Coolant Cap Bundle

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The Precision Raceworks Billet Coolant Cap Set is a functional and stunningly  stylish way to add a nice touch to any engine bay!

These caps come in three color options so there is always a color that will work for you! Black with Billet, Black with Blue, and the Stealth series (all black).

Many people don't realize it but the OEM caps have a pressure release valve built into them.  Often times aftermarket companies don't know this either or just don't care.  But our team cares about proper function just as much as we care about the appearance in every product we design. For pressure relief, our caps incorporate the OEM internals, so you get all the functionality of the original caps, ensuring a safe and reliable system in place.

These caps offer superior style and performance-grade components that guarantee a reliable fit every time. Durable billet aluminum construction provides long-lasting protection and dependability that will upgrade your engine bay for years to come.

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