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N54 Silicone Inlets

N54 Silicone Inlets

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VTT silicone inlets are the premier choice for your N54 inlet needs. Made from high-quality, wire-impregnated silicone, these inlets are a full 6mm thick and can withstand even the harshest underhood conditions.

With silicone inlets, you do not get any heat soak which can raise IAT’s on aluminum, or steel inlets, that are positioned directly above the hottest part of the engine bay.

For the PTC heater that is in the stock rear inlet tube, this is only needed if you are NOT running an OCC, and live in climates that see below 32F, or 0C.

We do not recommend Forge DV’s, or the stock units, as both have shown to be troublesome. The stock units leak above 15 psi, and the Forge units need constant service to remain in good working order.

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