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Infinity Design BMW E60 M5 Equal Length Headers

Infinity Design BMW E60 M5 Equal Length Headers

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The Infinity Design Headers were designed through extensive research and hard work to create the perfect system.

The unique design incorporates equal length primaries and an F1 merge collector.  Coupled with precision machined slip joints to ensure a leak free system.  CNC machined head flanges with a 65mm outlet allowing the system to mate to the OEM section 1 / CAT section and any system designed to fit the original headers.  Using large bore 42mm pipework with a 1.5mm wall thickness this system represents a significant upgrade to the stock system even with the CAT's removed.

The entire system is made from T304 stainless steel and is purged welded TIG.

Why Equal Length?

As with many headers on the market many enthusiasts have seen the glorious V10 sound track changes with unequal length primary tubes.  By keeping the primary tubes close to equal the sound track is retained through the entire rpm range with the major added benefit of excellent throttle response and partial load and low rpm torque.

Will fit BMW E60 M5, E63 M6, E64 M6 and E61 Touring

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