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Goodridge BMW E46 M3 SS Brake Lines

Goodridge BMW E46 M3 SS Brake Lines

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Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kits are crafted from superior-grade PTFE/steel hosing, with the PTFE inside and stainless steel outside. From improved brake feel to shorter response times and brakes that are up to the challenge of performance-based applications, replacing OE brakes with this -03 PTFE hose brings a host of advantages. Each G-Stop is held to exacting standards—thoroughly tested, with materials tensile strength and 3000 psi pressure ratings assessed. For ABS braking systems, the kits practically eradicate brake pedal “chatter” conform to FMVSS106, meeting DOT regulations and German TUV approval.


* Performance Enhancement & Safety Improvement

* Eliminates Sponginess Under Braking

* Increases Braking Efficiency

* Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

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