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Goodridge 96-03 BMW 5 Series M5 SS Brake Lines

Goodridge 96-03 BMW 5 Series M5 SS Brake Lines

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Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kits boast top-notch PTFE inner hoses with stainless steel overbraiding for improved brake feel, minimized sponginess, and shortened stopping distances. This combination of features offers an added layer of safety while providing performance enhancements. Rigorous 9-point testing is conducted to verify the tensile strength of materials and the kit's 3000psi pressure rating. Furthermore, G-Stops are DOT-compliant, FMVSS-106-certified and TUV-approved—the German standard for international regulation. Enjoy chatter-free braking, even in ABS-equipped vehicles.


* Performance Enhancement & Safety Improvement

* Eliminates Sponginess Under Braking

* Increases Braking Efficiency

* Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

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