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Fuel-it! FI 650HP LPFP Upgrade

Fuel-it! FI 650HP LPFP Upgrade

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Introducing the new Fuel-It! 650HP line of fuel system upgrades!

If your power goal is 650whp or less and you need to upgrade your fuel system, you've come to the right place!

As these cars get older and less expensive we're seeing more issues with the stock components and more demand for cost conscious fueling solutions.  Our new FI-650HP line of fuel system upgrades are designed with those needs in mind while maintaining a budget.  They make the most of the stock components to maintain stock reliability and drive-ability but when the boost gets cranked up, the FI-650HP components kick in to support the additional fueling needs of your high horsepower car.  With the FI-650HP line up you can upgrade your components all at one time or upgrade them as time and budget allows.  If upgrading one component at a time, we'd recommend starting with the LPFP first as that is the heart of your fuel system, without a good LPFP you can't supply the fuel needed to any of your other components.


What is the FI-650HP LPFP Upgrade

No more iDrive warnings, no more overheated EKP's, and no sending your fuel pumps in for repair or upgrade.

Note for E9X M3 owners:  The FI-650HP LPFP upgrade is compatible with the S65, however the new tophat and bucket assembly options are not available at this time.

 This new line of Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) upgrades utilizes the stock pump assembly to meet everyday driving needs but when the boost kicks in, the FI-650HP secondary pump kicks on to support those high boost fueling needs.  This system requires no modifications to your stock system, including the bucket, wiring, or stock plumbing so that it is reliable and easily reversible.  There is no tearing down your bucket or sending it in to be upgraded.  Install only requires adding the additional pump assembly to your fuel tank where it sits side by side with your stock pump assembly and then installing the additional wiring harness.  The secondary pump then runs in parallel with the stock pump making use of the stock capacity while adding up to 200% more capacity to your existing system.  Doing it this way eliminates any additional strain on your stock wiring and the the EKP that runs your stock LPFP.


Choose your LPFP Upgrade: (Optional)

We have a few options for you to choose from to meet your needs.  If you need assistance, email us at

These kits are available with or without a new stock LPFP.  If you feel your stock LPFP is warn out and want to make the most of your new fuel system, we'd suggest replacing your stock LPFP as well.

Installing the LPFP upgrade will require that you add two 9/64" power terminals that are included to your tophat.  If you are unsure about this or want it done for you, choose an option that includes the new tophat or a complete new stock LPFP assembly.

The secondary pump requires the additional wiring harness.  If you already have a harness from a previous system, or wish to make your own harness, you can choose a system that does not include the wiring harness but you MUST have a secondary wiring harness of some kind installed.

Currently have our Stage 2 upgrade and want to upgrade to Stage 3?

This kit can also be added to your current Fuel-It! Stage 2 kit!

Add a Hobb's Switch?

Your secondary pump can NOT run full time, it must only be run under high boost only.  Running it full time will place additional strain on the stock system, will lead to high fuel temps, and pump or component failure.  To turn the secondary pump on under high boost we recommend running a Hobb's switch or if you are running one of the newer BMS port injection controllers, you can use the thick yellow or orange wire to do this for you.

Do I need a 4psi or 15psi hobb's switch?

You can run either one.  We typically recommend the 15psi but if you're making good power/torque at low boost and exceeding the capacity of your stock pump, you'll want to choose the 4psi.

Add a lock ring tool?

Removing the lock ring can be difficult and doing it with a screw driver often leads to a damaged/broken tophat.  For this reason we recommend using a lock ring tool to minimize possible damage.

Included with all LPFP upgrades:

Walbro 450 pump (F90000274)

Optional Wlabro 525 pump (F90000285)

Black Anodized Custom fitting

Pump brackets

9/64" terminals and associated hardware

Fuel line

Replacement PITA clip

Wiring harness (optional)

New tophat (optional)

New stock pump assembly (optional)

Note in regards to the E9X M3:  The FI-650HP LPFP upgrade is compatible with the S65, however the New tophat and bucket assembly options are not available for the E9X M3.

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