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Fi Exhaust Downpipe for BMW F90 M5

Fi Exhaust Downpipe for BMW F90 M5

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Catless Sensor Version

The ultra-high flow catless downpipes remove restrictive factory catalytic convertor. They increase exhaust gas flow and performance gains, produce higher sound volume. The downpipe is also equipped with a dummy oxygen sensor to reduce a chance of the check engine light (CEL) being triggered.

Sport 200Cell

With the larger cells and fast exhaust flow rate, it is smooth, durable and do not have refractory wool burn-out problems. The higher the number of the cells, the smaller and denser the hole is. The higher the back pressure, the more it can enhance torque performance, while the opposite is true for increasing horsepower. Converting your stock catalyst converter (400~800 CPSI) into our metallic catalyst converters will result in significant enhancements in airflow discharge that circumvents the limitations and parameters set by car manufacturers.


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