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DocRace A90 A91 6 Port Toyota Supra B58 Top Mount Turbo Kit

DocRace A90 A91 6 Port Toyota Supra B58 Top Mount Turbo Kit

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Due to high demand we are looking at 4-8 weeks to ship your kit once it is placed.  

** Turbo will be mounted close to your valve cover and strut tower as seen in pictures.  We will supply you with a proper heat shield and turbo blanket to protect from radiant heat. 

** It is highly recommended to run an oil catch can kit if you are running more than 20psi.

DOC Race is offering a true bolt on turbo kit which will be available to purchase for your 2021+ 6 port Supra.  We  are using PTE turbos which have been proven in the industry to be one of the best performing and reliable turbos.  

Max HP ratings below:

  • 6266- 750whp
  • 6466- 825whp
  • 6870- 950whp

 Turbo kit includes:

  • PTE Turbo T4 twin scroll 1.0 A/R
  • Cast T4 twin scroll exhaust manifold 
  • Dual Turbosmart  GenV 40mm wastegates
  • 3.5” stainless downpipe to connect to oem exhaust
  • Dual 1.75” stainless wastegate dump tubes 
  • Braided stainless -6an coolant bypass line
  • Braided stainless -10an oil drain line
  • Braided stainless -4an  oil feed line 
  • DOC Race carbon turbo blanket
  • Exhaust wrap for downpipe
  • All required fittings, lines and filter for PCV system
  • All required charge pipes, couplers and clamps
  • 4” air filter 
  • All gaskets and hardware required for full install
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