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DME unlock for 2020+ BMWs and Supra ECU Unlock

DME unlock for 2020+ BMWs and Supra ECU Unlock

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For the cloning option you will have to provide the clonable ecu, we do not provide it! 

The process takes 10 business days from start to finish.

  • You're provided with a shipping label to send us the locked ECU.
  • We check your ECU to confirm it's Post-June Locked.
  • Your locked ECU is then hand delivered to FEMTO in Finland.
  • FEMTO performs their unlock service on the ECU.
  • Once we arrive back the ECU will be shipped to you.

You'll receive your original ECU unlocked and ready to tune with MHD/BM3/ MG Flasher

For the unlock you must mail in your ECU to us first. You can email us once your order is placed and we will email you the shipping to mail in the ECU. As of right now we cannot guarantee any turnaround time, it will take at least 10-14 business days. 

  Single ECU

  • G3x 240i/340i/440i/540i
  • G8x M3/M4
  • A9x Supra
  • F9x X3M

    Dual ECU

  • G3x 550i  
  • F9x M5/M8
  • F9x X5M/X6M
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