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Dinan Semi-Open - Carbon Fiber - A90/G29

Dinan Semi-Open - Carbon Fiber - A90/G29

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Both the Toyota GR Supra as well as the BMW Z4 are their respective brands answer to the modern 2-seater sports coupe delivering enhanced driving enjoyment in a compact and stylish frame. With aggressive organic lines used unabashedly throughout, they are unapologetic in their outward style to the point of nearing brashness. This character is limited to driving dynamics and external appearance however, with both the sound and under hood visuals not matching the colorful outer demeanor. The factory air box in particular is an uninspired design, albeit functional, and leaves substantial room for improvement in terms of flow and resulting power gains. It also purposefully includes an intake resonator whose sole purpose is the elimination of turbo/intake noises - the same noises that those in the performance world relish. The Dinan carbon fiber intake for the platform rights these wrongs and delivers an intake capable of flowing 15% more air than the stock system resulting in improved throttle response, additional power and the elimination of a potential roadblock when opting to pursue a high-powered build. At the same time revealing a more aggressive, sporty carbon fiber appearance, and an increase in sound courtesy of the removal of the intake resonator and implementation of a semi-open design.

To achieve the gains in flow that the Dinan intake delivers, the entire lower box of the system, and not just the lid, has been reworked and enlarged in an effort to make use of as much of the available real estate as possible within the engine bay. In turn, this allows a 40% larger, custom, free flowing filter to be housed within and maximum flow to be realized. However, a secondary inlet has always been desired by Dinan to effectively fill the volume of the enlarged air box and increased filter surface area. This desire led to a multitude of experiments being conducted on the effectiveness of a possible open-air inlet in the system. With different shapes, locations, and sizes of openings being tested, the goal was to ensure that the added secondary inlet did not cause any unwarranted side effects such as an increase in air temps in the system. This is commonplace with open-air intake systems where overheated engine bay air is employed in the intake tract. The results of these tests showed that the patterned openings present in the final iteration of the box located on the opposite side from the engine provided a perfect balance of additional volume to assist the incorporated enlarged and optimized Dinan inlet all the while not causing an increase in turbo inlet temperatures. This was the case regardless of testing conditions (single/multiple gear pulls, constant speed, 0-100mph runs, etc.).

With more air being pulled into the system, throttle response is improved, and additional power is realized in the form of max gains of +7 WHP / +8 lb-ft of torque on an otherwise completely stock vehicle. Beyond stock or basic bolt-on equipped vehicles, the Dinan intake would expand the potential of the platform's power ceiling. Put simply, those striving to build a more potent and robust solution, complete with turbo and fueling upgrades, will be allowed to maximize the results without worry of the intake system being a limiting factor. Regardless of the level of the build, the secondary air inlets, as well as the sound slot present on the lid, allow the intake system to be more audible so the turbo spool and BOV can be appreciated. A stark difference from Dinan's traditional fully sealed systems where induction noise is not nearly as recognizable. Not to be outdone by the increased power and sound, the outwardly visible system is made of immaculate 2x2 gloss twill carbon fiber resulting in vastly improved under hood appeal. Joined by the aluminum Dinan strut braces and matching carbon fiber engine cover, the engine bay instantly becomes equally as showy as the exterior. A unified style, inside and out, with a bit of turbo attitude.

Semi-Open - Carbon Fiber - A90/G29


  • Brand: Dinan
  • Dinan Point Value: 3
  • Emission Code: 7
  • Labor Time (Hours): 1
  • Max HP Gain: 6 @ 5500 RPM
  • Max Torque (lb-ft) Gain: 7 @ 4000 RPM
  • PI: vehicleapps_enabled: 1
  • Product Type: Cold Air Intake
  • Warranty: Dinan Factory Matching (4yr/50k) Warranty




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