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Delphi Ignition Coil

Delphi Ignition Coil

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Sluggish acceleration, misfires and rusty terminals are symptoms of a worn coil. Improve fuel economy and pick up hidden or lost power.

For vehicles with the updated Delphi ignition coils (locating pin centered)- for vehicles with earlier ignition coils (locating pin offset), the socket housing connectors can be swapped with BMW part number 12527519996 to allow use of the updated coil design

These are compatible with the following BMW Engines:

  • M52
  • M54
  • S54
  • N20
  • N52
  • N54
  • N55
  • N57
  • S55
  • N62
  • N63
  • N63TU
  • S63
  • S63TU

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