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CSF Race-Spec Oil Cooler for BMW E6X M5/M6

CSF Race-Spec Oil Cooler for BMW E6X M5/M6

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As the E60 M5 and E6X M6 platform ages, there is an increasing demand for an upgraded oil cooler. This is a chance to not only improve the cooling system, but also keep your M5/M6 in top condition. The CSF Design takes inspiration from the previously discontinued RPI SV1 design, a highly praised upgrade option for those who track or supercharge their M5/M6.



The original OE oil cooler from BMW is an all metal design which would make you think it would be fairly robust. However, there are several weak spots in the design that tend to cause leaks. The CSF Race-Spec design reinforces the weak points, especially around the feed and return lines.

The connection block on CSF's solid line is built to withstand abuse, and the reinforced and braced return tube is incredibly sturdy. Additionally, the Tub/Fin core has been replaced with a Bar/Plate design, offering enhanced durability with a 40% larger size and 2 extra rows of oil cooling. The core is also thicker, measuring 63mm compared to the OE's 45mm, resulting in increased cooling capacity and oil system volume. TIG welded end tanks complete the upgrades, providing a stronger connection than the factory's brazed construction.

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