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CSF Gen 2 B58 Race X Charge Air Cooler Manifold

CSF Gen 2 B58 Race X Charge Air Cooler Manifold

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The CSF Gen 2 B58 "Super Manifold" for G-Chassis BMW and Supra had an instant impact upon release, becoming the go-to choice for racers and performance enthusiasts alike. This manifold has withstood countless 1,000hp builds no problem, but customers still wished for more. Their prayers have been answered with the introduction of the "Race X" Charge-Air-Cooler manifold, another revolutionary design from the dynamic trio of CSF, VF Engineering, and Custom Plenum Creations.

Why Upgrade?

Designed for motorsports at the highest level, the Race X Manifold exceeds expectations. It offers 25% more power than its predecessor, the Super Manifold, and features additional parameter ports and a streamlined water flow system. This highly versatile manifold is the largest available and is designed for dual or single pass configurations, plus a newly-optimized front port for ice box setups. The Race X Manifold has proven itself on some of the world's fastest B58-powered drag cars and is ready to reach the peak of performance.

Design & Engineering

The massive research and development invested into the Super Manifold resulted in the Race X Manifold, tested by race teams and tuners, and informed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CSF's engineering team worked hard to design a manifold that maximized air flow capacity and cooling power, keeping serious competitiveness in mind and offering plentiful features.

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