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CSF BMW X5M / X6M / XM Charge-Air-Coolers

CSF BMW X5M / X6M / XM Charge-Air-Coolers

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20 years ago people could only dream of a BMW M engine in an SUV. Fast-forward to today and we have three BMW SUVs powered by the M5’s Twin-Turbo V8 engine: the F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G09 XM. These SUVs are not only the pinnacle of Luxury and Performance, but also practical. You can run errands, commute, and take the family out while having the power to gap most sports cars on the road.

Sharing an engine with the M5 and M6 meant there are readily available tunes and power upgrades for these SUVs. The BMW S63 motor can crank out over 800hp on stock internals. However, that extra power creates a lot more heat. F9X M5/M6 owners rely on the CSF Charge-Air-Coolers (CSF #8178) for years to deal with that extra heat. After many requests for a version for the M SUVs, CSF is pleased to announce the High-Performance Charge-Air-Coolers for the F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G08 XM


The Charge-Air-Coolers come in an OEM+ Crinkle Black Finish. In addition, custom finishes are available at an additional cost for those looking for a more unique engine bay look.

Design & Engineering

CSF originally designed the BMW S63 Charge-Air-Coolers for the F9X M5/M6. Over five hundred of these Intercooler kits have been sold with many of them on 1000+ hp builds. Due to their popularity and success, CSF has received many requests to have a set made to fit the X5M and X6M. CSF worked with Steve Dinan’s Carbahn to develop a mounting hardware solution. The result – a true plug-and-play system requiring no modifications to install that will take your M SUV to a whole new level.


The CSF Charge-Air-Cooler Cores are ~100% larger in volume than the factory coolers. These cores were custom designed using CFD analysis and testing to ensure optimal performance as well as perfect fitment. Both coolers come with OEM-Style “Quick Connect” water connections as well as sensor ports for fast and easy installation. You can read the full press release of the CSF #8178 Coolers for more details & performance data.

The weak OEM crimped-on plastic end tanks have been replaced with CSF’s larger, CFD analyzed, 100% TIG-welded cast end tanks. CSF also integrated the charge pipe into the design of the top end tank eliminating the glued-on factory plastic charge pipes. This single piece cast design creates a much stronger system that can handle much higher boost pressures.

Integrated dual 1/8 NPT ports are located on both outlet side air tanks for quick and easy installation of aftermarket methanol/nitrous injection systems. The positioning of these ports have been carefully designed to place the injection system directly into the post-intercooled charge-air stream for maximum performance.


Custom Designed CSF Liquid-To-Air Intercooler Core (CFD Analysis and Testing Completed to Ensure Optimal Performance)

  • ~100% Increase in Core Volume Per Each Charge Cooler Compared to the OEM Charge Air Coolers
  • 1-Piece Seamless Air Inlet End Tanks with Integrated Charge Pipes
  • Integrated E85/Methanol Injection Ports Built into Air Outlet End Tank (Dual 1/8 NPT Ports Per Cooler) 
  • Complete with OEM-Style “Quick Connect” Water Connections and Sensor Ports
  • Designed with 3D Scanning and Rapid Prototype Technology to Ensure Precise Fitment and Maximum Surface Area Utilization
  • “Drop-In Fit” Design with No Modifications Necessary
  • Significantly Reduces Intake Air Temperatures (IATs)
  • Finished with a Professional “Crinkle Black” Powder-Coated Finish (CSF #8315) – Custom Powder-Coating Available (Inquire for More Details on Lead Time and Pricing)
  • Sold as a Complete Set with Left and Right Charge-Air Coolers + Installation Hardware
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Applications:
    • 2019+ BMW F95 X5M
    • 2019+ BMW F96 X6M
    • 2022+ BMW G09 XM
  • OEM Part Numbers:
    • BMW: 17 51 7 852 406 (right)
    • BMW: 17 51 7 852 407 (left)
    • BMW: 17 51 5 A2C 232 (right)
    • BMW: 17 51 5 A2C 233 (left)

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