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Clutch Masters 1000 Series for 23' Toyota Supra 3.0L (Flywheel incl.)

Clutch Masters 1000 Series for 23' Toyota Supra 3.0L (Flywheel incl.)

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The 1000 Series clutch is designed to handle well over 1000 ft. lbs of torque all the while still being street friendly thanks to it's strap driven design. The strap-driven plate design allows for smooth engagement and minimal clutch chatter while still being able to withstand hard launching, clutch kicking, and high RPM shifting.

This 1000 Series kit comes equipped with a single rigid hub clutch disc and a sprung hub disc both utilizing the highest grade ceramic friction material available to make sure you are getting every last drop of power from the engine to the wheels. Also included is an aluminum flywheel to help lighten up the rotating mass versus the factory dual mass flywheel for the ultimate driving experience

The cover assembly is machined from billet aluminum and is then Type 3 hard anodized. Our billet covers have roughly 25% more tensile strength than the competition’s cast unit. By focusing our ability on machining the strongest cover possible while maintaining minimal weight, we are basically able to eliminate any flex in the cover. Our billet covers see only .003" of flex where as a cast or stamped unit can see as much as .030" of flex. By eliminating this flex in the cover, the driver is able to operate the clutch much more consistently and confidently. All the movement being applied to the diaphragm of the clutch from the throw-out bearing is used solely to engage and disengage the clutch and isn't wasted by the cover flexing first. The strength of our covers also results in greater clamping force over the same amount of area vs. a cast or stamped cover. This means our twin discs are easy to drive and have superior clamping force to make sure all the power your engine is making is being utilized.

Flywheels are made for each specific application in either aluminum or steel. Our aluminum flywheels are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum to meet SFI spec 1.2 for competition in NHRA, NDRA, IDRC, IHRA, SCCA and NASA. Aluminum flywheels are Type 3 hard coat anodized to ensure their durability and performance lasts. Each aluminum flywheel includes a replaceable insert. Steel flywheels are machined from 1045 billet cores and are then black oxide treated for rust prevention

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