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Bilstein B6 Performance Strut Assembly for BMW M3 E46

Bilstein B6 Performance Strut Assembly for BMW M3 E46

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Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty monotube gas pressure shocks and struts are the ideal choice for most vehicles, including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks. These shocks provide improved handling and stability, without sacrificing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for the driver who demands superior performance, while maintaining an exceptional street ride.

*The product benefits at a glance:

* Monotube gas pressure construction

* Improved safety and sportiness

* Added traction and enhanced stability

* Increased durability and performance while maintaining ride comfort

* Road-tested and fine-tuned by BILSTEIN for each vehicle specific application.

front left sku: bil35-142102

front right sku: bil35-142119

rear sku: bil24-143998

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