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B58 HPFP + ECA Package for BMW F/G Chassis

B58 HPFP + ECA Package for BMW F/G Chassis

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This is a package deal for our B58 HPFP kits along with full plug and play Flex Fuel ECA kits. The only difference between this package and buy them separately is this package will only come with the ECA-specific hoses (not the standard kit hose). Since the standard hose is not used when installing our ECA kit, we remove that hose from this package and pass the savings on to you! This is everything you need to add up to 63% more fueling AND true CANbus Flex Fuel to your B58 vehicle!

Kit Contents:


Kit Fitment:

F20/21 – 140i, 140xi
F22/23 – 240i, 240xi
F30/31/34 – 340i, 340xi
F32/33/36 – 440i, 440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *

G01 – X3 m40i *
G02 – X4 m40i *

* ONLY UP TO 2019 Model Year
KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2020+ B58 Vehicles

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