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AWE Touring Edition Axle Back Exhaust for BMW F3X 335i/435

AWE Touring Edition Axle Back Exhaust for BMW F3X 335i/435

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  • The axle-back F30 335i Touring Edition Exhaust, featuring 180 Technology®
  • Performance Mid Pipe

All tip options include the AWE logo, and double walling to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. All tips are individually adjustable, allowing depth into the bumper to be set according to personal taste.

  • 102mm or 90mm diamond black tips
  • 102mm or 90mm chrome silver tips

Important fitment notes:

All products are confirmed to fit both RWD and X Drive vehicles.

The AWE Touring Edition Exhaust:

The AWE Touring Edition Exhaust is an axle-back system that leverages AWE’s proprietary sound cancellation solution, 180 Technology®, to produce the perfect exhaust note, drone-free. If you’re unfamiliar with 180 Technology®, learn more through the brief 180 Technology video above.

Perfect tone comes compliments of AWE 180 Technology®.

As exhaust gases exit the 335i engine and flow into an AWE180 Technology®equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves rejoin the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies. More on AWE 180 Technology® in the tab above.

AWE F3X 335i Performance Mid Pipe:

The AWE Performance Mid Pipe is non-resonated and replaces the factory resonated section with straight-through 3-inch T304 stainless steel tubing. Ready to rumble.

What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Touring Edition Axle-back, Performance Mid Pipe (if applicable), two tips in the desired finish, and all necessary hardware for installation.

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