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AST 5100 Series Coilovers incl. Top mounts for BMW G20/G21/G42

AST 5100 Series Coilovers incl. Top mounts for BMW G20/G21/G42

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The new BMW M240i (G42)'s moderate size and adequate power lend itself to spirited driving, but the factory suspension's focus on comfort leaves performance on the table. AST Suspension has developed an application-specific 5100 Competition Series Coilover kit to extract grip from this promising chassis. The 5100 Competition Series offers a combination of track performance and balanced road manners that makes the G42 M240i a thrill to drive on the track or in the twisties, but doesn't make daily duties unpleasant. This kit converts the rear to a true coil over, offering superior consistency and tunability.

AST Suspension specializes in producing suspension components for vehicles serving regular street use and competition purposes such as race, rally, autocross, and more. The company has continuously evolved since its establishment in 2000 and has always taken pride in its work. By combining in-house design and production with technical know-how, industry experience, and road-and-track testing, AST Suspension consistently produces exceptional suspension components at a competitive price.


  • Adjustable rebound and ride height
  • Front and rear top mounts included
  • Monotube design for responsive valving

Application: 2022+ BMW M240i (G42) (RWD ONLY)

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