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ID4Motion Starter Edition Cluster for BMW E Series

ID4Motion Starter Edition Cluster for BMW E Series

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Introducing the Starter Edition – a Limited Edition Digital Cluster priced at just $699 USD. Get everything you desire at an irresistible price.


✔️ OEM Cluster Features + More

✔️ Customizable with additional Themes

✔️ 2-Year warranty

Our Digital Cluster features a sunlight-readable, Full HD, Automotive LCD display designed to replace the OEM gauge cluster in compatible vehicle models. This upgrade brings new functionalities and extensive customization options. It comes pre-programmed to ensure compatibility with your vehicle, easy to install. No coding is required, making the integration seamless and utilizing the vehicle's OEM connector for straightforward setup.


Gauges: Get essential information at a glance with features like the Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Trip meter, Gear, Fuel Level, Fuel Economy, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp¹, and Voltmeter².

Indicator Lights:
 Stay informed with warning lights and updates, including Tell-tales, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning¹, Shift indicator², Check Control messages, and On-board Computer (OBC) information.

Customization Options:
 Tailor your cluster to your preferences by adjusting gauge properties (e.g., Speedo- and Tachometer), choosing from multiple themes and designs to change its look and feel, and even setting a personalized start-up animation.

Settings Menu:
 Easily customize the appearance, brightness, indicators, manage maintenance, configure system settings, and more through the Settings menu. You can operate it using your vehicle's OEM controls or an optional Keypad.

Update Support:
 Keeping your cluster up-to-date is a breeze. Simply connect a USB flash drive to utilize the Update Support feature, allowing you to install the latest software releases, receive after-sale upgrades, and benefit from future improvements.

Additional Features: Unlock integrated safety features, even if your vehicle didn't support them before. Enjoy enhancements such as a Backup-/Rear-view Camera and Blind-spot Recognition.

*¹: Availability depends on your vehicle's support for these features.
*²: These features are exclusively available in the Standard- and Premium Editions.

  • BMW 3 Series E46
  • BMW 5 Series E39
  • BMW 7 Series E38
  • BMW X5 E53
  • BMW 1 Series E8x
  • BMW 3 Series E9x
  • BMW 5 Series E6x
  • BMW 6 Series E6x
  • BMW X5 E70
  • BMW X6 E71
  • BMW Z4 E89


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