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DocRace DR700 Bottom Mount Single Turbo Kit for N54 335i/135i

DocRace DR700 Bottom Mount Single Turbo Kit for N54 335i/135i

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All new orders will be shipped with the new cast manifold design which are indestructible and are not prone to cracking.  

All kits will be ceramic coated black at no additional charge

The DOC Race Bottom Mount Turbo Kit is here!  This is what you all have been waiting for and it screams VALUE!!!!  Not only do the kits start at only $4495, we include parts from the most trusted brands in the industry like Precision Turbo and Turbosmart.  If you have ever been on the fence between a single turbo kit and hybrid turbos look no further.  You can now have the benefit of a reliable single turbo system at the cost of hybrids.  We are so confident this kit will be a real game changer in the industry we have named this kit the DR700, short for DOC Race 700hp turbo kit.  This will be the new industry standard when it comes to N54 turbo kits.  With so much confidence building N54 turbo kits we are offering lifetime warranty on all fabricated parts.  That's right, that means if any welds ever fail on your kit we will fix it at no cost for as long as you own the kit.  

As with any DOC Race Turbo kit we have put this one through rigorous testing during development before taking it to the market.  With thousands of miles and numerous beta testers we can confidently say we have built one of the most reliable kits out there.  And with this simple design it is perfect for the DIY garage project with very basic tools.  This kit was designed to be installed by your average mechanic with basic understanding of turbo system and all parts are easily accessible. 

As with our record breaking top mount turbo kit we have partnered with Precision Turbo yet again to bring you the best option for our bottom mount design.  Precision Turbos are known for having the most cutting edge turbos on the market and are constantly innovating to stay on top of the game.  There's a reason the most powerful N54's run Precision Turbos and we just had to go with them for this kit.  They have supplied us with what we think is the perfect combination for anyone looking for quick spool and want to make upwards of 700whp.  Each kit will come with a  PTE Turbo featuring an S compressor cover and a stainless v-band turbine housing w/ 1.05A/R.  Journal bearing turbos will be shipped with .82A/R stainless exhaust housing.  We're bringing all the bells and whistles on this kit!

Included is a v-band manifold which is the heart of this turbo kit.  Our manifold is no slouch.  It measures 1.60" ID inside diameter coming off the head flange and then opens to 2.25" ID before going into the turbo.  What does this mean?  Simply put this manifold was overbuilt to decrease any risk of added back pressure giving the system higher horsepower potential without sacrificing spool.  The manifold to turbo is v-band connected for ease of installation.  If you ever need to uninstall your turbo it is as easy as loosening one nut and your turbo is off!!  

Boost is controlled through a Turbosmart GenV Hypergate45 wastegate.  The Wastegate is recirculated into a 3" stainless downpipe splitting off to dual 2.5" to the factory flange location.  

 **The 4" intake pipe and filter is now included with the kit.


5862 GEN1 CEA- 640hp

5862 GEN2 CEA- 700hp

6062 GEN2 CEA- 750hp

6262 GEN1 CEA- 705hp

6266 GEN1 CEA- 735hp

6266 GEN2 CEA- 800hp


  • Lifetime warranty on all fabricated parts (manifold, downpipe, charge pipes)
  • 1 year warranty on Precision Turbocharger and Turbosmart Wastegate.
  • Our kit connects to most intercoolers on the market with 2.5" connections.  If you are using an OEM intercooler you will need to use a 3" to 2.5" reducer coupler.
  • Removal of the front subframe is not required to install this kit.
  • Fits RWD and AWD models.
  • As with any N54 turbo kit it is highly recommended to have your car tuned after installation.  We highly recommend Motiv Motorsports tune to extract as much power out of our kit as it was designed.  A Motiv tune can be purchased here.
  • Fits RWD and AWD models.
  • All parts of the kit will be available to purchase individually in case you end up loosing parts in the future. 
  • It is highly recommended to add ceramic coating to your order to protect your engine bay from unwanted heat.  We do not ceramic coat the turbine housing due to warranty reasons.


 Parts list:

Precision Turbocharger w/ stainless V-band turbine housing

Turbosmart GenV 45mm Wastegate 

Stainless Turbo Manifold w/ V-band connection

Wastegate Blanket

Manifold V-band clamp

3" stainless downpipes w/ Wastegate recirc

3" exhaust v-band clamp

2.5" charge pipes (2 piece)

2.5" couplers and clamps

Oil drain fitting to block

Oil drain fitting to turbo

Oil drain line

Oil feed fitting to block

Oil feed fitting to turbo

-4an oil feed line

Coolant pipe kit

Coolant expansion tank relocation kit

4" air filter

Vacuum line


    What other things should I plan on purchasing when installing your kit?

    As with any build you should think about the supporting mods required for your individual power goals. Supporting intercooler, chargepipe/BOV Combo, Fueling, Clutch, Tuning Software MHD/JB4, established tuner and if you're smart.. fresh brakes, tires and any needed maintenance. The 2 items below are what we suggest you replace as preventative maintenance. 

    • 2 x BMW OEM 2 Bolt Exhaust Gaskets - 18307553603
    • 1 x BMW Coolant Pipe O-Ring  - 11537545302
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